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 Posted: Tue Sep 23rd, 2008 12:31 am
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I really enjoyed your story, Perry. I too went through a know-it-all phase (a little later than you did), and when I did, it was both and humbling and enlightening experience. I think the lightbulb went on when I realized, "Oh, you mean there's more to it than Gettysburg? There's Shiloh? And Vicksburg? And Chancellorsville? And cavalry? And artillery? And. . . ?" Looking at the HUGE mountain of things I do not know, I am happily overwhelmed and sometimes feel there will NEVER be anough time to learn it all!

Crazy D, I'm my school's resident expert on the CW too. I get kids I don't even know who tell me,"Mr. G. sent me to ask you about. . . " It's tempting to rest on my laurels, but I too know I'm small potatoes in the CW war world. I think I might "talk" alittle more than you (?) but I'm really thrilled to have so many different minds to pick here: it's the next best thing to being able to travel to all the CW sites and talk to the rangers and guides, not to mention the foremost researchers and authors on the war.

And guys, don't forget that the "guy" standing next to you in line just might be a "gal," too!


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