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 Posted: Tue Sep 23rd, 2008 01:08 am
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Just got back from NYC for the Yankees final game in Yankee Stadium last night (hopefully not, if they do make it into the playoffs it'll be bigger than the last game in the stadium). Yes the running out of the actors portraying the '23 team was cheesy but to have the Yankee greats such as Larsen, Berra, sons of Mantle/Marris, etc. was great to see. I know there are many Yankee-haters out there, that's okay with me (that's what makes baseball baseball). Thank god we didn't play the dreaded Red Sox and they're obnoxious fans present. However, one does have to stop and awe what the stadium has stood for - the numerous hall of fame personalities who've played there (be them yankees or opposing team members), the other sports, i.e. possibly the greatest football game ever - giants vs colts, boxing matches - Joe Lewis vs Schmelling; Papal masses, concerts, etc. My vote was not to tear it down and move to the new one but to do a facelift of the present one (yes the concessions and rest room facilities stink but that could have been overhauled). The new one will hold fewer people, be more expensive. Enough said, it was a night I'll be able to tell my grandchildren about. Making plans and earning enough scratch to attend the first game in the new one in April.

Doc C

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