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 Posted: Sat Jul 22nd, 2006 02:05 pm
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All slave owners of any time were cruel just be keeping slaves. Some were more cruel than others. If the account is true then Lee was amongest the more cruel in this case. Was this an isolated case by him of this type of behavior toward his slaves or did he do this repeatedly? Are there any other records of this event to backup his testimony? Remember I have not say I agree or disagreee with anything in my post, only gave my reasons for posting what I did. I sincerely hope I am right in posting, within what the thread is about, what I have leaving out any personnal feelings.

That said within the time period this was a typical way to deal with runaway slaves both in the North and South. Taking the time frame, the time from founding the country until the war,  into account and not modern day thinking. He was right, as any owner would have been, to take the steps necessary to assure their property remained his and followed his orders. That simply was the way it was with slavery from the beginning of slavery in the world dating to the earliest records of slavery. We, using mondern thinking, can not pass judgement on this subject as we have never been in their position to deal with the conditions prevalent of another time. Feeling slavery was wrong is not passing judgement as long as you understand that during its' time thats how the world was. If we were in that period how many honestly could feel as we do today?

Now that I am going to get it for these statements I repeat slavery was wrong whenever it occurred and by whom ever it was used at any period in history. I understand the attitudes of the past without having to past judgement on the past. I accept that attitudes and event in history were different then in my time just as my time 140 years from now will be judged by a different standard and may not be looked upon with as having the high moral standards we give it. Would it be interesting to see how we are judged by history?



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