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 Posted: Tue Sep 23rd, 2008 04:35 pm
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44th VA INF wrote: When Lee Marched to gettysburg his army thought they were invinsble also the preassure of being so close to ending the war must have began to take its toll on genral Lee

I'm not sure what you mean by "the pressure of being so close to ending the war." The war lasted much longer, almost one year and ten months longer. Do you mean that had Lee won at Gettysburg, the war would have ended then and there or do you mean Lee was under great pressure to end the war before he even started out for the Gettysburg Campaign? Do you mean the war was all Lee's to win or lose?

Don't forget, there was still a very hot war going on in the Western Theater. I remind you again that Vicksburg, MS fell to Grant just one day after Lee lost at Gettysburg. Grant, Sherman, Thomas, Schofield, and other Northern generals would not have given up just because of setbacks, even severe setbacks, in the Eastern Theater.

It is laudable that you have taken such an interest in Lee, a truly remarkable man and general. It might help you, however, to study some of the great Confederate generals of the Western Theater just for perspective. Lee did not fight for the Southern cause all by himself.

Check out Albert S. Johnston, William Hardee, Braxton Bragg, John Bell Hood, J.E. Johnston, P.G.T. Beaurgard, Richard Taylor, Wade Hampton, Nathan Beford Forest, Patrick Cleburne and others. Many were less adept than Lee at their roles in the Civil War, but they made great sacrifices, even of their very lives, too. Remember Lee was not alone in the Confederate cause.

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