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 Posted: Tue Sep 23rd, 2008 06:20 pm
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Militarily, Gettysburg is no more compelling than 2 other battles: Antietam and Monocacy. Okay, Antietam ;)

In that comparison, the military details are very similar: the ANV (or parts of it) invades, the US maneuvers it into a tight spot, a battle is fought and the south withdraws with the US losing the opportunity to inflict more, or mortal, damage.

Militarily, both battles are pretty much the usual murderous bloodletting. In both cases, a landmark document is penned. (One could say that Monacacy created a great Lincoln story.)

Vicksburg, however, changes the entire dynamic of the war in the west. The CSA is now encircled; militarily, US units in the south can be more easily transported and supplied.


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