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 Posted: Wed Sep 24th, 2008 12:36 am
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Good post, Ed. You are right when you said "don't for one moment think that federal spending does not influence the perception we have of the park and the significance of the battle." If all anyone vaguely interested in the CW hears about is Gettysburg, and if so many of the books on the bookstore shelves are about some aspect of Gettysburg, and the popularity of "Ghost Tours" and so-called paranormal shows like "Most Haunted" (which plans to air live from Gettysburg in October) grows, then people will believe Gettysburg is the only CW battlefield worth seeing.

Don't get me wrong. Gettysburg will always be near and dear to my heart, because it was there my interest in the CW first started, but I'll readily admit that I think I am fascinated by Vicksburg and other western theater battles precisely because they are not as widely known as Getysburg et. al. They also give me a whole new area to learn about!


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