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 Posted: Mon Jul 24th, 2006 06:57 am
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I understand that General Lee had helped to design and set up fortifications with the US military as well as various other assignments.  I have read the majority of his biography, yet I fail to understand from all of this why he was offered command of the North.  As far as I have heard, he didn't even experience combat until he was near 40 years old (I like Lee, I'm not knocking him.)  What set him aside from any of the others originally?  I have mentioned I'm fairly new to the study of the Civil War, but I have heard that even the South was hesitant after his performance in West Virginia.  From what I have read, he let others make too many calls even when he knew it may be disasterous during that campaign.  I'm not questioning the military, strategic and tactical genius of the man.  He proved to be excellent though many believe that the only reason he was offered command of the Southern forces was because of his relationship with Jefferson Davis.  The question then is:  Why was RE Lee offered command of the North over many other (perhaps more qualified) individuals of the time?...unless there were no more qualified, and then, what made him so qualified?  Continues to perplex me... waiting for enlightenment, once again.  Promise I'll get this stuff sooner or later as long as you continue to pardon my gross ignorance :D

Thanks - Jessie

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