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 Posted: Wed Sep 24th, 2008 04:02 am
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Port Hudson, Port Gibson, Grand Gulf and Natchez are all part of going to Vicksburg so far as I am concerned
As is driving the Trace... interesting, I am not that interested in that part of the Trace that goes thru NW Alabama, but the section around Natchez if georgeous

for those who don't know, the Trace is the Nachez Trace, a series of animal paths, Indian trails, and now a road that goes generally from Natchez Mississippi to Nashville, Tn. The trace can trace its roots to the mid 1700's.
Today the trace is a 2 lane blacktop, with no commerical ads allowed, no commercial vehicles allowed, and a 50 mph speed limit. Rest stops are placed at the approximate locations they were historically.. it is a cool drive

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