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 Posted: Wed Sep 24th, 2008 01:12 pm
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Boy , Doc those are names I remember well, even though I have been a lifelong Dodger Fan both when they were in Brooklyn and when they came to California.  Duke Snider was from my hometown so he was the local hero.  I was a young teen when the Dodgers came to L.A.  My father's boss had season tickets behind home plate .  We got them when he didn't want to use them.  Saw Sandy Koufax, Gil Hodges, Don Drysdale , Duke, PeeWee Reese and later Maury Wills to name a few .  My brother and I one day stood hanging over the railing as the players ran into the tunnel after workout.  None of them stopped to sign our program.  Most just ignored us. 

Don Drysdale came walking along yelling at a reporter to leave him alone as he came toward us.  We figured what the heck try it . We asked . His whole demeaner changed.

Sure kids I'll sign your program.  How are you today.  One of the great moments for two baseball addicted kids about 12 and 14.  That and the night we went to Duke Snider night . 

Oh both of us have autographed Duke Snider balls.  Only thing is mine is personal as it says to Susan Sweet best wishes Duke Snider.  Local sports writer was a friend of the family.  My brother's came from when he was a scout .  All the boys got a ball signed by Duke and a minor league local player.  Same sports writer had gotten them signed for all the BOYS in the troop.  I had gotten in line to get one and was told they were for the boys.  This is when Duke was still in Brooklyn.  Boy do I give my brother a hard time about the difference in the balls. 

Oh same man also got me a signed World series ball for the first Wold Championship in Los Angeles.  Count the hall of famers on that ball!!!  AND NO my brother doesn't have one of those.  hee hee . 

We had a grandmother who was a died in the wool baseball fan .  She was loyal to the Yankees as Mickey Mantle was from Oklahoma.  Big thrill for her was the last time she came to visit us the Angels were just starting to play in L.A. (at old Wrigley Field left over from Pacific Coast League)  She got to see her beloved Mickey play in person .  I was so excited for her. 

Take care Doc.  Thanks for sharing the memories . 


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