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 Posted: Thu Sep 25th, 2008 02:05 pm
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Just so everyone is clear, there is no Cleburne memorial in Franklin now.  The stack of cannonballs on the site of the old Pizza Ht is simply commemorative of the Battle of Franklin.  I actually served on the Task Force that, for the most part, decided what the site was going to look like.  We opted to make it neutral with the hope that as more property is purchased other opportunities to be more specific would arise.  And so......

Back to the 1-acre site where currently the former Holt house stands.  It is true that when George Matthews built that house in the early 20th century he dismantled the cenotaph which had been erected to Cleburne (the ONLY battle monument ever erected in the 19th century) and used the stones to construct a portion of the house foundation.  We fully intend to rebuild the cenotaph, whether with what we can determine are some of the original stones or otherwise.

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