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There were significant night escapes. One happened in Tennessee. Schofield's army ( November 1864) was in Spring Hill, TN. Hood thought he had them good. But during the night with the use of artful stealth, Schofield's army escaped in the dark of night sometimes passing within yards of Confederates. It is amazing how they were not heard. Thye escaped to Franklin. When the escape was relaized the next morning, Hood was fit to be tied. The rest is history.

Another night escape of note was during the flight from Gettysburg when Lee's entire Army of Northern Virginia moved by stealth in the dead of night and crossed over the Potomac River at two places. The Confederates creeped along often within earshot of Union soldiers. Such stunts were employed as having ANV bands play to make the Yanks think the Rebels were busy behind their fortifications.

An especially good description of this escape can be found in the book One Continuous Fight by Wittenberg, Petruzzi, and Nugent.





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