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 Posted: Fri Sep 26th, 2008 03:19 am
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PvtClewell wrote: Still, Lee destroyed two Union corps on the first day and nearly broke the Union line on the second day. He had the momentum for 48 hours. He was getting what he wanted. How could he leave when he felt so close to victory?

I will agree, though, that the cost of such a victory is likely prohibitive. But, then, that was Lee. Nearly all his victories were costly.

This is the private being insubordinate, capt'n. :)


You are spot on with your assessment.  While Lee did not want to bring on a general engagement at Gettysburg (he preferred the Carlisle area) he had to follow up the momentum he had on the first two days.  Gettysburg may have ended, on day two, had Ewell coordinated his assaults, with Longstreet.  Hitting both Union flanks, simultaneously, was definitely the correct tactic.

With regards to the cost in life, you have to look at proportional costs - Lee was on the losing end.  Even had Lee reformed along the Seminary Ridge line, he had been clobbered.  There is no way he could have done anything, after Pickett's charge, except retreat.

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