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 Posted: Tue Jul 25th, 2006 02:53 am
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Thanks, Tom,

   I'll have to keep looking to see whatother neat things I can stumble onto.  I did have a thought.  I don't remember looking at the trunions on this one.  I remembered while I was reading this that it was normally on the trunions that I saw "Phoenix Co." stamped on several other ordnance rifles, signifying the Phoenix Iron Company in Phoenixville PA if I am remembering correctly. 

   You are, of course, quite right about the weight recorded.  It was probably the weight of the entire piece.  I think once they were on their carriages, they may have weighed about that, especially if it included any essential equipment such as worms and rams.

   Right now I am wracking my brains for a half formed memory.  I think I saw a rifling pattern quite like that somewhere else on one of my travels.  I just can't remember where, but I think it was on a larger gun.

     Thanks for all your research.  I don't have "Field Artillery in the Civil War"but I am thinking I just found something to put on my Christmas list.  This is a topic I find myself becoming more and more interested in.  It's rather neat to find out a bit of the stories behind the pieces on display at the parks.


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