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 Posted: Fri Sep 26th, 2008 09:10 pm
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Exactly, Hank. We've wandered a bit into why Lee set off for Pennsylvania instead of maintaining "what went wrong." In no way did Lee set off to influence elections.

In heading out, and drawing the AotP with him, he was giving the Virginia farmer a chance to harvest something of what had been planted. Plus, he was feeding and remounting his army of the largesse of untouched ground.

I'm certain that he also hoped to get his army together and force the AotP to fight on ground he had chosen. What went wrong was that he figured he could do all that before he was intercepted.

I also suspect that part of his motivation was to keep Jeff Davis from sending a chunk of his army west to save Vicksburg.

The entire subject is not given to this or that pat conclusion. It's much easier (and possibly more enlightening) to keep with the original question: "What went Wrong at Gettysburg."


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