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 Posted: Sat Sep 27th, 2008 03:29 am
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Come join me my sisters,
My family too.
Come join me to see,
What bloodshed'll do.
T'was fighting,
T'was killing,
T'was people at war.
It hurt and it fought,
It hurt and it tore.
A family of Brothers,
Who walked out the..

On the bloodied battle ground
The wounded screamed and cried
They rest amongst their fellow friends
That have already died
One of these wounded boys
Sat up, clinging to life
He was our mortal enemy
The reason of this strife
With all of my compassion
I went over to this boy
I knelt there down beside him
This wounded dying boy

His young face all blackened
From the silt of gun fire
And his young face
Was covered in uniform attire
His words were mournfully spoken
Yet as clear as day
He spoke to me his last words
In the battle's disarray
As I held him crying
This innocent young boy
I was the last one he saw
This wounded dying boy

"Oh dear heavenly Father
Have great mercy upon me
Please help my darling children
Live all their life with glee
I have sacrificed my life
With only them in mind
In hopes that their future
Will be really kind"
I listened to the prayer
Of the young and dying boy
I wished to see the face of
This wounded dying boy

"Dear mother" said the dying boy
"Forgive me of this sin
I was only doing this
For my flesh, my blood, my kin
Receive me into Heaven
For I have done my part
For this cursed lost cause
I took one in the heart"
And I listened still
To this young and dying boy
To the sad and mournful words of
The wounded dying boy

"And forgive my brother
For what he has done
I know that it was h im
That he shot me with his gun
And help him know that I won't
Carry this unto my grave
For any man to do this
He have to be brave"
These last words shocked me
Of the close to dying boy
The words rang over of
The wounded dying boy

As his breath escaped him
I knew that he was done
I reached there beside him
And threw away his gun
I then pulled him back
To the safety of the lines
To the mournful sounds of
The wounded soldiers whines
It then dawned upon me
I had not looked upon this boy
Whose last words I had just heard
The cold and dead young boy

But I had a message
To give unto his kin
So they'd forgive themselves
Of this morbid sin
I asked around my regiment
"Could this be your brother
The one you killed today
Or does he belong to another?"
 Curiosity took me over
I looked down upon this boy
Of the dead reposing from
Of the silent dead young boy

I then uncovered his face
And much to my surprise
I found myself gazing into
Very familiar eyes
Then I sat there shocked
The face was none other
Then the poor sweet innocent face
Of my little brother
I then cried and held him tight
He was just a boy
I had heard the last words
Of my cold dead brother boy

What horrors have been brought
By this wretched war?
What could we possibly get
From all this blood and gore?
I then was filled with regret
My heart filled with such remorse
Oh why this poor young boy?
My conscience then felt course
I hunched over him crying
This cold and dead young boy
He was my only brother
This victimized young boy

I then spent the night
Crying out my eyes
Thinking of my brother still
And his dying cries
How many homes are broken?
How many eyes have cried
As they held their brother
While he screamed and died?
How many other men
Will see their dying boy?
How many older brothers
Will bury their brother boy?

War Means Fighting And Fighting Means Killing - N. B. Forrest When war does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard." Stonewall Jackson
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