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 Posted: Tue Jul 25th, 2006 02:01 pm
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I would describe it using Ronald Reagan's line about the Soviets: "Trust, but verify."

I'll use it if I need to post some form of verification if someone questions something I wrote or if I can't find what I'm looking for from somewhere else. If what I find there is questionable, I'll look elsewhere to make sure it's legit. However, most of the stuff I read there I've seen somewhere else.

If I post something from there, everyone is free to agree or disagree with it. If they can show that my info is wrong, more power to them.

Evidently anyone can make a contribution to their site. I can tell from the Lincoln page that it wasn't all done by Lincolnites.

Really, most of the internet is not very reliable, so I don't see wikipedia being worse than other sites. I think the folks that run it are cracking down a little more and not allowing anyone to contribute whatever they want.

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