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 Posted: Sun Sep 28th, 2008 06:12 pm
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5fish wrote: Bama,

I was not lecturing you but your impression of Reconstruction are similar to those expressed by historians following the Reconstruction era. Those views are being revisited by preset day historians with new assessments of the Reconstruction era.

Can you state one event were there was any brutality on southern whites? There was none but the were several race riots where southern white attacks local Freedmen, like Memphis and New Orleans.

The "Mississippi plan" was used by the southern Democrats to intimidate the freedman, scalawags and carpetbaggers into not voting. This plan was used in state after state across the south in the 1870's and was successful in bring the Democrats back into power in the south.

The historians you refer to were in a position to directly observe events as they unfolded. Did they have predjudices, of course, they were human. Did they become apologists for the south..not according to what I have read. Do they take positions that you don't agree with, apparently so bacause that seems to me to be the chief reason you dislike them.
The fact that old views are being revisited does not make the old views incorrect, just old. I frankly have little faith that revisionists will get it right.I grew up in an era when history was considered to be a record of what happened.  Today inour PC environment, and honestly, you have perhaps never known any different, the emphasis seems to be history as we wanted it to happen, wished it had happened or need it to have happened in a certain way in order to continue an argument. I was discussing this not long ago with a young PhD candidate who told me there is even a school of history tha tbelieves in the "democratic" approach. i.e. "lets all take a vote on what we think happened and the winner will be history!"You ask me to state ONE event in which there was brutality to southern whites. That I cannot does not mean that none occured. Furthermore, you cannot state with any certainity that none occurred. so we have proved what...?If you are really asking, " do I approve of the brutality that occured against blacks," the answer is no, I do  not, but I was not there, did not do it, and will not accept any guilt or blame for those who did.You refer to the Mississippi plan as a way to discourage various folks from voting. Your point is...?No one argues that abuses to blacks did not occur. They did, they were wrong, and try as I will, I cannot find the keys to the time machine so I can go back and fix it, but I will not spend the rest of my life apologizing for something I did not do.To suggest however that because blacks were abused, no whites were, nor were they inconvenienced is to reinvent history to conform to your bias and I will not participate. Go read some more and try this time for understanding, not just ammunition in your quest for whatever your quest is.Ed









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