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 Posted: Wed Sep 28th, 2005 04:04 pm
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OK, I'm having a lapse in memory on something basic....maybe y'all can help....

I'm looking for a Confederate soldier that died of disease in either Selma, Alabama or Chattanooga, TN. (his service record, oddly enough, reports his death at both places). I figure he probably was buried outside of the hospital or somewhere close to it.

My questions: 1) How do I locate him? 2) What was the name of the branch in Confederate government that was responsible for marking and/or recording graves/burial sites? 3) Can anyone offer other suggestions as to how I should proceede?

I figure, since he died in a hospital, there has to be a record of it somewhere. I have also tried finding a record of a widow's pension, but either he was never married, or, if he was, his wife died before she could apply or she never applied at all.


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