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 Posted: Mon Sep 29th, 2008 02:45 am
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The advantage of the story is in that it cannot be disproved. As Bama said, the dates do line up.

Where I balk is Forrest's real role with the klownish klan.

Forrest Fanciers insist that it was a name-only figurehead position. I'm inclined to agree with that assessment. (I don't see him making plans and organizing strategies and directing tactics in this situation. More like, "Go ahead and say what you want if you figure it will do some good. Now, go away.")

There is some evidence that Forrest was personally involved a time or two in some questionable klan-like "police" activities. I suppose it's possible that he got personally involved a time or two, but associating him with the klan as we know it is stretching things a bit too far.

Forrest was one of those Confederates that accepted defeat. I believed him when he said something like, "You boys are on your own. I'm going home." And he did. And he set about rebuilding his life. I'll need better evidence before I believe that he did much more than that.


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