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 Posted: Tue Sep 30th, 2008 01:24 am
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Beloved Soldier
It was a sad day when that letter came,
After that nothing would be the same.
He held on to his wife and told her good-bye.
He didn't know if he would come home or if he would die.
His wife was crying for him,
Saying her love would never dim.
He promised her he would come back,
But confidence in his voice was at a lack.
She wanted to believe him, really she had tried.
But then she heard the news saying he had died.
She was told of his great deeds
Of him trying to get home to who he really needs.
He saved many lives, but he lost his own.
Died on the battlefield; he was not alone.
Dead bodies of soldiers were scattered all around.
Blood and bullets covered up the ground.
It was such a terrible sight,
But still the soldiers continued to fight.
"Never give up, give it your all.
Don't ever be afraid to take the fall.
Fight for your country! Fight to be free!
You may die, but in vain it wont be."
He ended his speech in a powerful way.
He didn't know but he would die that day.
At his funeral, his wife stood up to speak.
Her eyes were red, and she looked weak,
"I wanted to tell my husband, I thought he was brave.
But know he lies silently in the cold grave.
I wanted to tell him, I'm carrying his baby boy.
I can just picture his face light up with joy.
I'm thankful he was fighting for me,
Thankful for keeping our country free."
She started to cry, as she stood by his lifeless side
Imagining every tear that he had cried.
She stayed by his side as the church emptied out;
She sang to her beloved soldier who left the world of doubt.
"I wont ever forget about you, my love.
Watch your boy grow from up above.
I know you haven't left me."
She knelled down and a hand touched her knee.
It was him, the soldier that she knew,
The man that love her too.
"I love you; I know you'll be alright.
To see you like this is a horrible sight.
My love, don't remember me like this.
It isn't my body I want you to miss.
I will be in all of your dreams.
I can hear all your screams.
Every smile and every tear,
I can feel every fear.
I will be the warmth by your side.
To catch every tear that you cried.
I told you I was coming home,
So I would have to leave you alone."
She put her head down, looked up and he wasn't there.
But she knew with out a doubt that he really does care.
She stood up and wiped the tears away
Knowing he was there to stay.

War Means Fighting And Fighting Means Killing - N. B. Forrest When war does come, my advice is to draw the sword and throw away the scabbard." Stonewall Jackson
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