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 Posted: Tue Sep 30th, 2008 04:21 pm
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Shiloh is one of my absolute favorite places to go bar none.
It is isolated, it is pristine, it is very much like it was in 1862 and while it can be crowded, you are just as likely to have the place pretty much to yourself. It is also accessible by boat.

It was the wilderness at the time of the battle and it pretty much preserves that flavor. Its isolation however does have one drawback. Vandalism is a big problem there, but truth told, it is a big problem everywhere.
Of all the battlefields I have visited, Shiloh does the best job of describing the action. There were 3 armies there over 2 days and the NPS has developed an excellent methhod of describing wht happened.
Blue markers designate the Army of Tennessee - Grant
Red markers designate the Army of the Mississippi - Johnston/Bureaugard
Yellow markers designate the Army of the Ohio - Buehl

In addition each is a different shape so it is easy to spot a particular army unit's position.
The markers describe the action that took place by that particular unit and identify the day and time of the action. As you read the marker, you are orientated to the same view the unit had.

There are many many monuments large and small, prominent and obscure, easily fournd and well hidden. Unlike Gettysburg, I believe the foliage si pretty much as it was and most of the roads are just paved versions of the roads that were there at the time of the battle..

Altogether a wonderful place to kill an afternoon, or the best part of a week!


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