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 Posted: Tue Sep 30th, 2008 06:54 pm
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The name Shiloh means place of peace and although the battle was anything but peaceful I have found it a most peaceful place to visit.  I have been there three times and usually had the place to myself.   The monuments are interesting to see especially the first time when I didn't know that much about the battle.  The Confederate memorial is one of my favorites .  It is so full of symbolism.  This is my favorite Battlefield to visit with Wilson's Creek my second favorite .

The visitors center is old.  I skip the film but across the parking lot is a small newer building with tons of books.  As I have said before the guy that works there is  friendly.  Twice now I have walked out with an armload. 

Last time I stayed in Corinth and drove up to Shiloh.  It felt like I was going back in time.  The woods were all around .  You really have to be going there to go there.  You don't just discover Shiloh . 

Bama I envy you your closeness to the battlefield that you can go there often.  I would if I could.


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