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 Posted: Tue Sep 30th, 2008 10:57 pm
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I am 452 miles away as I write this.. my birthplace, family home, and my emotional home is Florence, AL. Florence is only about 40 miles from Shiloh. I own property just off the river that is 10 miles or less from shiloh by river. I go there regularly to fish, to wander the river, to visit family and to go to Shiloh. I say emotional home because I have not lived there in 52 years, but the night before I return, I am like a little kid at Christmas, I can't sleep because I am going HOME! tho I plan to leave about 4:00 or 4:30 AM, usually I am on the road by 3:00 or so..
to answer ARTorBart, to create a manmade 'harbor' for replica paddlewheelers would be a sacrilidge (MHO). Pittsburg landing takes its name because there was a road that came close to a clearing along the river close to where some people lived. Packet boats would stop on a schedule to deliver mail and goods, as well as pick up goods to take to market. The boat pulled up to the bank (landing) tied up, pushed over a gangplank and did docks, no structures to impede the river jsut a very imformal safe place to tie up. There are still informal boat landings all up and down the river used by local folk to launch fishing and other small boats.. I put in at a local boat landing called Panther Creek on the Alabama side. I have been using that landing for my entire life and my grandparents before that..
I am fairly certain the Tigress was not manned by USN sailors, but don't know about the gunboats that harrassed the confederates that night.


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