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 Posted: Wed Jul 26th, 2006 01:02 am
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Thank you for your reply to my post. Now don't tell me you are going soft on me :D. I except you and HankC to keep me on my feet. Ok now to your post. I am not going to quote much of your post I do not think I need to for a reply.

It seem we have some common ground to agree upon, unbelievable. I agree that the 3 Constitutional amendements are not much for showing Lincoln as a racist and those alone are not what I based that statement on. I argee Lincoln for political reasons change his story depending on his needs. All smart ones do. No questioning he was the first President to address slavery the way he did. Yes, the South not only wanted to keep slavery, but wanted to expand it. Both totally wrong, however I realize using the period thinking and economic conditions why they wanted to.

As to the Emancipation Proclamation I stand by my comment it freed no slave. I can see your arguements it was the catylist for freedom and will give you that point.

The Marshall decision I used to show that Merryman had similar ruling and was not unique by Taney. I will stand by my last post the the Constitution clearly leaves suspension of Habeas to Congress. We may have to agree to disagree on this. Lincoln, IMO, clearly broke the law by suspending Habeas.

No I do not hold Lincoln solely responsible for the war. Both sides share the blame. My point about the Douglass speech was that he felt Lincoln brought the nation safely through the conflict. I do not think 600,000 dead and the distruction cause can be characterized as Douglass did.

I will stand by Lincoln being a racist, as were most whites in his time. I will admit Lincoln was a visionary, which all time periods have, that the nation had to sooner or later eleminate slavery. If you wish to start a debate about Lincoln I will gladly join in.

A question, do you think the slaves were free after the war? We may have a new thread or two to start and more interesting debate ahead. I look forward to you next post, until then.

Take care and have fun.

Shadowrebel (John)

P.S. I take no offense in any of your comments and if I gave the impression I did I am sorry for seeming I did. I am not like that. I think you say what you think if I don't like it that is my problem, I say what I think if you don't like it that is your problem. I realize Javal's right to restrict personal attacks and agree with it.

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