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 Posted: Wed Oct 1st, 2008 02:26 am
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Wish I could help with your paper, DG, but I know nothing about the subject. You've been given some excellent suggestions, and you might consider patterning your paper around some of them.

Medical conditions were, as we now know, quite primitive. but we have also seen that the Crimean war and the US Civil war represent quite positive turning points in battlefield medicine. (Crimean equals Florence Nightingale. USCW and the Red Cross equals Clara Barton. A good human interest story in that some recognized that what was being done -- officially -- was not enough.)

A good examination into what was to become a major change. The nature of germs and sterility were emerging. A point in time where medicine made some great strides and became what we might call merely primitive -- a time of learning and awakening.

Maybe your hook is in what was learned and who contributed to that learning?

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