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 Posted: Thu Oct 2nd, 2008 01:25 am
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My sister, who had mid-length hair, was going to donate her hair just before she started her chemo-therepy sessions for breast cancer because she knew she would lose her hair anyway. But as luck would have it, the lymph node surgery she had just had got infected, so she had to take care of that infection. Then it was time to start chemo. Much to her surprise she lost most of her hair and her eyebrows after the first chemo session!:(

I worry so much about her. She now has only two more chemo sessions, "rests" a month, then starts radiation. She has been so courageous. I am a notorious coward and I don't see how I could go through what she has been through. I salute all women who have ever dealt with  breast cancer. Well, truth to tell, any cancer is such a terribly difficult challenge. 

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