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 Posted: Thu Oct 2nd, 2008 03:07 pm
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You grew up in Selmer? What a neat little town! With that cue shack just south of town! Been about five years now, but we had some difficulty in getting a room anywhere near the park because it was coon hunting season. The motel we ended up in was full -- half coon hunters and half road crew from Arkansas. But it was nice in that there was this neighborhood restaurant down at the end of the lane that served up home-town hospitality

Didn't get to talk much with the coon hunters; they were out all night and slept all day, but when I could corner one, they all had an amazing dog or two. Can you imagine a $10,000 dog? Different strokes. They were a dedicated bunch. More than a few of the road crew were rounded up and jailed. I loved Selmer, Tennessee almost as much as I enjoyed Shiloh. Neat town. Neat people. An altogether neat time.

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