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 Posted: Wed Jul 26th, 2006 05:09 pm
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Thank you very much for the compliments.  As for where did I get them, 99.9% of them were though the Library of Congress' website.  The other ones I got through the National Archive's website.  Yes the photographs are public domain, although technically I own the copyright to the adjustments done to the photographs.  I posted them though so people can enjoy them, and I don't have a problem with you downloading them.

I love the Trinity Church one too, I saw that one day walking around DC, there are history signs showing "From Civil War to Civil Rights" and it has that photo on it.  I searched for quite a while until I found the shot.  I love that one.

Also, since you love the yesterday and today theme, have you seen what I did with that theme in my book?  Check out my book if you get the chance,  I think you'll like that too!

Thanks again for the compliments, I really do appreciate it!



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