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 Posted: Thu Oct 2nd, 2008 04:56 pm
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Fan I am 14 years out from surgery and radiation and 10 from finishing tomoxifin . I have clear tests ever since. I will tell you it is amazing where you find your inner strength to go on .

I had tickets to go to the Shakespeare Festival in Oregon in August of that year purchased before I discovered the lump. I told everyone do what you like I am going to be in Oregon in my seat August 13 that year. I was , burned, cut and poisoned as they say. A friend drove me everywhere as I could only walk short distances after the treatments. I had the last treatment the day before I left.

I was teaching then too. I only missed a couple of days of school after the 20 days I missed from surgery. My kids were amazing . One little girl appointed herself to be hair checker. She would walk around me every morning and tell me where the bald spots were. I never totally lost my hair although I was told it would happen after the first chemo. I lost eyebrows eye lashes and other body hair but not on my head so much. Doctor said it happens sometimes.

Give your sister a huge hug for me and wish her well

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