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 Posted: Thu Sep 29th, 2005 03:04 pm
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I was born in 1949 and have always been an American history buff. Growing up on a small WI dairy farm with not a lot of money we as children did a lot of play acting and used our imagination.  A favorite was cowboys and indians and another was Civil War. I can remember getting my first set of plastic blue & gray soldiers and playing with them for hours. We would set up battle formations and strategies with each side getting a fair amount of wins and losses.  I lost interest in history as I grew up, married, and raised a family, but rekindled the passion for history in 1993 after my sister died tragically at a young age. I needed something to occupy my time to help combat the awful feelings of grief and loss.  Since then I have traveled to Gettysburg, Picacho Peak in Arizona and Sharpsburg, Maryland and plan an extensive tour of Civil war Sites after retirement in a few years. I also have ancestors who fought on both sides of the war of whom I hvae researched extensively.  i appreciate the opportunity to share a part of my interest in the war and have enjoyed your stories as well.  Steve Daniels

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