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 Posted: Fri Oct 3rd, 2008 12:50 am
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I'll admit that until recently I hadn't heard the term "war of attrition versus war of might" in relation to the Civil War. I've been trying to read around and have come to understand what each side of the term means, I think. Whether you feel the Civil War was one or the other seems like it would be a sort of contentious thing of personal conviction, but I can't help feeling--based on the little I have been able to learn so far--that the Civil War was BOTH, at different times in the war, especially the Confederate side. Both the Union and Confederate armies had unquestionable might irregardless of army strength, but it was the Confederates who were affected by the loss of men most, late in the war, both from casualties and prisoners, when Grant stopped the prisoner exchange.  Can I be on both sides of this or am I missing something?


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