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 Posted: Fri Oct 3rd, 2008 02:30 am
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well it aint due til Nov. 10th so i got some time to kill, and besides ive been working on reading some books, but we are doing it slowly, seeing as its our first research paper my teacher is helping everybody write theirs, so its turning into more of a class project thingy than a real paper. i guess ill need to start writing soon but i think i chose a pretty complicated subject, theres so much on it and they are all very think books, i love to read so thats not a problem but its just that theres not nearly enough hours in the day to do everything i gotta do and read all those books and write the paper and have somebody proof read it (by the way will yall PLEASE PLEASE proof read it for me and then tell me what yall think???? it would help a ton) and then type it. just thinking about all that makes me tired

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