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 Posted: Sat Oct 4th, 2008 12:29 am
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I think the Northern thought was originally, at the start of the war, that they'd quickly out-power the South--in other words, might makes right. Of course, starting with Manassas and continuing through the Penninsula campaign, there wasn't a lot of might from the North, at least not most efficiently commanded. I'm thinking that it was about then the North started thinking they needed more than just might to win the thing.

At the same time, Lee's "successes" in the Eastern Theater came at a terrible cost in men and materials, starting the slippery slope of attrition for the Confederates.

Though I think I'm detecting a bit of  joking sarcasm in a couple posts, even with the attrition, you can't discount the difference between fighting for your rights and your homes ("For your homes. For your wives. For your sweethearts. For Virginia"), and fighting for a "cause" you may or may not be affected by.  Underdogs, even underdogs from the beginning (though I personally don't see the Confederates that way), still fight tough on defense.


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