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 Posted: Sat Oct 4th, 2008 04:01 am
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It is presumptuous of me to argue with you because you are far more authoritative on military matters than am I, but I'll recklessly go ahead anyway.  I really don't think Lee was incompetent, for example. What was eating alive the Army of Northern Virginia  was the very definition of attrition. The ANV was out of food, equipment, horses, mules, war material of every description, and there was no way to infuse the army with more men.

I do see the reasoning that would blame the situation on incompetence such as quartermaster and subsistence incompetence and even higher up--the highest command of the CSA government for failing to consistently provide the basic requirements for war and material.

Maybe one could further say that Lee, in fact, was greatly burdened by the failings of the Army of Tennessee and other divisions in the Western Theater. Lee could not win the war all by himself.

To say that the army with the lesser incompetence wins, calls into question the US military in such sites as Viet Nam, far...and Afghanistan. Come to think of it...maybe it comes down to  how one defines a competent military.


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