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 Posted: Fri Jul 28th, 2006 10:03 pm
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Ha ha! VERY funny guys!

I just saw my blog teaser on the CWi site... "We sorrow to see the words "PowerPoint" in an otherwise excellent post, but are resigned to the fact that this is nearly obligatory nowadays."

Believe me I KNOW. Nowadays, I just use a laptop w/ it to broadcast pictures (like a slide projector) - BUT back in the day ('94-'00) I was doing interactive PowerPoints w/ embedded video and 3d animations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff presentations given by the ATRC Officer Training Staff. Oh those were the days!

and BTW...

Do you know who authored the United States Navy AEGIS Training and Readiness Centers official "PowerPoint/Electronic Classroom Standards and Style Guide: N32 Color and Concepts" yeah... that would be me. I left that off my resume... for obvious reasons.

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