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 Posted: Sun Oct 5th, 2008 03:20 am
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The second battle of Cabin Creek, Indian territory, Sept 19, 1864. confederate mixed force of Texas cavalry and Indian troops over 1800 strong begin an assault on a Union supply train valued at over 1.5 million U.S. dollars bound for Fort Gibson. The federals(numbering nearly 1000-only half of which were armed, the others being unarmed recruits) were camped at the stockade on the southern side of Cabin creek along the Texas military road.

The attack commenced at 12:00 A.M. under a waning Gibbous phase moon (84% lit-16% dark.) Gens. Richard Montgomery Gano(formerly attached to Morgan's raiders) and Stand Watie(the only non-white to achieve the rank of Brig. General  on either side) commanded the joint Confederate force while the Union troops, a mixed force of Indian Home Guard, colored infantry, and white cavalry, were led by Major Henry M. Hopkins. After some time during which the Confederate artillery and rifle fire did much damage, the Rebels ceased fire and awaited daylight to reassess the by now confused situation.

The Confederates finished the job at daybreak routing the shaken Federals(whose commander had disappeared), taking many prisoners, and seizing the massive train of badly needed supplies.

As an interesting side note one of Gano's grandsons would go on to achieve notoriety in his own lifetime as one of the United States more noteworthy characters in the 20th century. His name was Howard Hughes.

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