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 Posted: Sun Oct 5th, 2008 04:13 am
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Bama46 wrote: Sherman was a butcher. I believe he remarked that if the south had won, he would have expected to be tried as a war criminal.. I do not have as ource for this quote, but believe it to be true.

Can you cite some actual authenticated reports of civilians who were butchered by Sherman's columns? I know of one. A Union foot soldier accidentally discharged his gun while marching resulting in the killing with one shot of two African-American women standing on a balcony watching the Union columns pass. He was tried for this by officers, but was acquitted when the officers became convinced the deaths were the result of a tragic accident. This account comes from the book Southern Storm: SHerman's March to the Sea by Noah Andre Trudeau.

One might also say something about the reprehensible treatment of fleeing slaves by Brevet Major General Jefferson Davis who lifted the pontoon boats at Ebenezer Creek, stranding hundreds of helpless slaves on the other side of the creek while Wheeler's cavalry bore down on them.

Many of these hapless slaves were returned to their owners and are said to have been cruely punished for having run away. Others drowned trying to swim across Ebenezer Creek. As far as I know, this disgraceful event is the single greatest atrocity committed by someone under Sherman's command during the March.

When you say Sherman was a butcher, are you referring to this event?

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