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 Posted: Sun Oct 5th, 2008 06:48 pm
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UK was 4-0..  And hadn't really played anyone to see what they our made of but the Tide did..   

The refs seemed to be a little flag happy in the game  and the Tide shot there self in foot in the red zone several times

Its one thing to  get beat by a better team its another to lose focus and self destruct

Despite the struggles (Three fumbles, two missed field goals, one interception, and an uncharacteristic 92 yards in penalties made it a nail-biter.)  they found a way to win & Glen Coffee managed to put 218 yd on the ground

The 1st half of the UGA game was some of the best football I have seen Bama play in years..  and what the team is capable of doing and the Tulane  & Kentucky shows what happen when you lose focus and few things  go against ya...

Many in the Bama fanbase were thrilled after the UGA game to see them raked # 2 in nation..   

Top 10 yes ...  #. 2 well I think thats a little early .. There's lots to improve on   ... But a good team finds a way to win despite struggling..  Alabama must find a way maintain its intensity

We have  week off  this week just in time to heal our wounded. and regroiup..

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