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 Posted: Mon Oct 6th, 2008 12:57 am
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I have to agree with Duke (he took the answer I thought of when I first read the poll).

I don't mean this to cut any of the four listed a break, but Lee should have been well aware of his corps commanders' shortcomings, and given his orders accordingly. Giving Stuart a long leash, and giving Ewell the "if practicable" order regarding Cemetery Hill--well, they did exactly what Lee told them in his orders, but not with the results that he wanted. That doesn't forgive Stuart and Ewell, but I still think that was an oversight on Lee's part, whether he was ill with diarrhea or recovering still from a heart issue back at the start of the year, or not.  As for Longstreet, he too followed Lee's orders but so purposely slowly that it cancelled any end result he might have gotten otherwise. And Hill--what WAS his role, anyway?


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