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 Posted: Sat Jul 29th, 2006 04:18 am
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If you use it for lists it is alright. You can find some links to other information that are useful. It is definately not a primary source. I have used it, but have several other sources with the same information to confirm the information. A recent post I used it in was for a SCOTUS case as it had all the detail I needed without getting too involved. I have found there is too much information that is unconfirmed they pass as historical. As with all information you should try to find as many sources on the information as you can. All source should be looked at asking these questions; What kind of document is it and what is the content, when was the document written, who wrote the document, why did the author write it, where was the document  written, and what is it's importance to the broader context of history.

I general will not question someone's source if I can find it contains readily known historical facts. If it is not a well known fact I would like a primary source or several secondary sources. With all the sources which have bias one way or the other, I think people tend to question the source more than the information presented.

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