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 Posted: Mon Jul 31st, 2006 07:17 pm
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I agree. Wikipedia is a great source to identify OTHER sources, but like everything on the Internet - you are at the mercy of the individual that entered to data in the first place.

To me - the best benefit is the external links or "keywords" that point you in other directions. BUT I must say that incorrect information can be found in all forms of media whether it is printed or electronic.

All we can do is compare multiple sources and try to distinguish the truth. Sometimes we get it right - and sometimes we're as wrong as they sometimes are.

I look at ALL history the same way (mostly in reference to my own experiences in writing about baseball...) the ONLY people who know for sure - either did it themselves - or were present at that exact moment). The rest of us can merely research, speculate, - and put forth our best effort to do these individuals (and the events they witnessed) the "justice" they deserve.

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