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 Posted: Wed Oct 8th, 2008 05:25 pm
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JDC Duncan


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I've just got to say, I'm really surprised by that statement.

not about Pershing, but that you don't have an interest in WWI.
given the military & historical knowledge you've displayed here,
and the historical perspective you often put on topics, ie
of strategy, tactics, etc, between eras and conflicts, I would
have bet you had a lot to say about The Great War.

also, from a re-enacting POV - great pickings there;
there is a WWI era Illinois National Guard unit that shows
up down here at Ft McKavett every March to mark the historical
unit's role in the hunt for Pancho Villa - man, do they bring
some neat equipment ....

I guess you have to draw the line somewhere - some of the young
guys in the 7th Texas have joined up with a Viet-nam unit down
in San Antonio - and there's a WWII Artillery group out of Dallas
that shows up at Fort Concho at Christmas - their guns make
the Concho cannons look like pop-guns...

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