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 Posted: Thu Oct 9th, 2008 01:36 am
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From a woman's perspective, the Taliban would be worse because of the despicable, utterly reprehensible treatment of women they practice, something that is so abominable that these people simply must be crushed. Any group, whether under the guise of religion, or whatever pretense, that displays such brutality and supression of women is a danger to the entire world because of the possibility such pernicious ideas might spread.

Yes, the greedy Wall Street fat cats have brutalized our life's savings, bringing frustration, deep anxiety and heartache to thousands and thousands of families and individuals, but the Taliban are capable of far worse. What if the Taliban should ever get their hands on real--not imaginary--weapons of mass destruction? They simply have no reservations about using them against their enemies.

Fortunately, the US is a nation of laws. Hopefully some Wall Street fat cats will go to jail. At the least, I hope they lose their jobs and maybe their mansions and Lear jets. I felt no sympathy for a Wall Street fat cat who has an ocean front mansion a half hour from me. His wife and he had to auction off his wife's modern art collection at Christie's last week.

He also has other mansions and a Manhattan apartment. Maybe some of those will be sold off too. Ah, too bad. Shades of Enron and MCI. Unfortunately, such scandals do seem to pop up with unsettling regularity. I do look forward to watching a perp walk with some of these executives getting hauled off to the Federal pen.

Still, the Taliban and their ilk, derserve even more severe fates.  They are dangerous and need to be smashed out of existance.

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