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 Posted: Thu Oct 9th, 2008 02:32 am
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ole wrote: JDC Duncan wrote: btw, Duke,
I don't know about "minority"

your POV is certainly shared by many,
and can be successfully argued...

It most certainly can -- and has been. The movie, Gettysburg, did Ewell, Stuart and Longstreet no favors. Although it's an intriguing story, Shaara's book leaned heavily on traditional history -- much of it stamped heavily with "Lost Cause" inclination to shift all blame away from Lee.

not to mention the tendency to ignore the other units involved in the third day assault, aside from the Virginians...partially a result of heavy post war politicking by many of Picket's supporters.  an excellent book on this subject: "Pickett's Charge in History and Memory" by Carol Reardon. I really don't see the "Lost cause" aspect as much as simple glory seeking by those involved.

oh and in order not to hijack......Longstreet is my choice.

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