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 Posted: Fri Oct 10th, 2008 12:35 am
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Have to agree with those of you who think Gettysburg portrays Longstreet in a sympathetic light. And I think portraying his "slows" was part of that.  After seeing the film umpteen dozen times, I still think the slant is that Longstreet had a better idea to go around the right to Washington rather than fight there on Day Two, and throughout the movie he shows his frustration, telling Hood, when Hood talks about "all they have to do is roll rocks down on us," that he's "argued" with Lee about it and it's no use. And then when, after Pickett's Charge, he jumps on his horse to get ready for the Yankees counterattack. Probably all stuff of movies, true, but Shaara did make Longstreet seem a character to feel empathy for.

And Ewell WAS in the movie, just not the version you can buy in the stores. About ten years ago, there was a 6-hour version (versus the 4-hour one) that came out with a special collector's edition. That's the one we use to show the 9th graders at my school. However, Ewell's part is limited even then, and he's pretty much  reduced to a sort of bumbling fool, especially in the face of the fiery Trimble. So I can see why they cut his part. Sort of fits with historical reality, huh?


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