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 Posted: Tue Aug 1st, 2006 03:38 pm
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The first time I went to Ft. Morgan they claimed what look like rust stains on the northwest staircase were blood splatters when an exploding cannon took off the head of the artillery commander and it bounced down the steps.  That was in the early 70s.  The next time I went in the late 70s they weren't telling that story any more.

Sid Champion III says his dining room table has bloodstains from the Battle of the hill named after his family.

Also there is a house located about a mile south of the Vicksburg VC that supposedly has massive bloodstains on the floor.  The park historian said the owner was eccentric and descended from the family that owned it during the war.  That was in 1976 when I worked there, and the house looked quite run down and wild all around it.  Haven't seen it in a few years so I wonder if it is still there.


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