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 Posted: Sat Oct 11th, 2008 01:19 pm
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Here's a Web site that might help:

My take, for what it's worth. 'Y'all' makes the most sense to me, seeing that it's a commonsense (to me, at least) contraction from the words 'you' and 'all.'

'Ya'll' doesn't quite make it for me. First off, you have to accept that 'ya' is somebody's colloquialism for 'you'. And then, the apostrophe is eliminating the 'a' from 'all.' And the whole point of 'y'all' is to include 'all.' Unless, of course, you prefer 'ya'll,' which does have 'all' in it, except that 'all' is therefore incorrectly punctuated by the apostrophe.

Anyway, where I come from in Pennsylvania, it was always 'youz guys.'

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