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 Posted: Thu Oct 16th, 2008 12:40 am
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Tim, this is turning into a good thread, doesn't matter what I was looking for, because this is it.

I thought I was the only numbskull (sp?) trying to find rocks, outcroppings, etc. under overgrown brush, and then feeling really proud of myself when I could hold a period picture at the right angle to "transpose" it over what the Rose woods looks like today. Part of it is seeing what 145 years has done to a battlefield, but part of it is physically knowing I am standing where this regiment stood, or Brady or Gardner stood, or even (gross!) where that row of bodies fell in the Wheatfield. Something really cool about that for me.

As for the Frassanito books Joe mentioned, I have all of them but the Antietam one, plus a couple of those Gettysburg Then and Now books. My latest good one is Historic Photos of Gettysburg by John S. Salmon.

Susan, I like what you said about seeing in the young men in the historic photos the same things as you'd see today--kind of brings the war closer, and humanizes it. And the Grant and Lee Frassanito book is one of the best, in my opinion.


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