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 Posted: Thu Oct 16th, 2008 03:14 am
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The one thing that everyone seems to be missing is the value of the CDV for the researcher. You can actually see how the uniforms and equipment was worn, how hair was combed etc. It is an invaluable tool to the researcher and has even gone so far as to smash preconceptions. As an example a researcher did a photo study of all known existing CS photos concentrating upon the dead and POW shots to get a feel for how the average CS soldier was actually clothed and what kind of physical condition he was in. Through all the photos, about 1300 IIRC, he found only a few shoeless or for that matter ragged rebel troops. What he found were superb examples of soldiers who took great pride in their personal appearance and who appeared to be in suprisingly healthy shape. I believe the gent has worked it into a masters thesis. I've heard much about it but not actually seen the work.

A couple well known examples were the famous "Punch Bowl" photos of ANV men captured in the last mos of the war and the Three defiant Prisoners at Gettysburg. The Gettysburg pic in particular was interesting for the analysis... they were stragglers... quite well clad, shod & fed.

The study of the photography can lead to fascinating discoveries.

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