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 Posted: Thu Oct 16th, 2008 03:30 am
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That is a very interesting perspective, Johan. I must admit I typically think of CS soldiers, particularly by 1864 and into 1865 as being gaunt, ragged and shoeless. I also imagine the horses and mules to be boney and sickly, foaming at the mouth from lack of fodder.  

I have this picture in mind because one so often reads about infantry who march fifteen or eighteen miles in one day with nothing more than hardtack or a stale biscuit for breakfast and dinner. The combination of such hard marching and so little food would have to take a toll. Also shoes in those days barely stood up to the rigors of long marches, especially those that took place in mud, swamps or on stoney surfaces.

Now one has to wonder if such accounts are exaggerated or something that happened seldom but were heavily reported because the events were so extraordinary and made for dramatic reading in newspapers, letters home, journals and memoirs. I really would like to know the reality.

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